About Me
I'm Adebayo, a Peterborough based HR Manager by day and a self-taught Cinematographer and Photographer by night and weekends.
I have always had a keen passion for Photography and my foray into the world of professional photography came into being when a friend of mine asked me to help capture their pre-wedding pictures. I embarked on the journey employing my God given talent in showcasing his creations through series of alluring images. During this journey, I ventured into Cinematography.
My approach has been and will always be focused on capturing moments as they naturally come into play whilst eliminating all interferences. Every event is unique, it reveals the personalities and creative minds of clients. This I believe tells the actual story of each event, not only the big moments but more so the unnoticed ones - which are often the defining and most powerful. My aim is to etch these memories eternally on minds enabling it to be re-lived by many for generations.